Let’s Become Partners

Amazing Electronics Partnership Programme is specially designed to help out the businesses of all sizes who are involved in Computer Sales and Service.

What is the Amazing Electronics Partnership Programme?

This is basically a reselling programme for the partners where partners can purchase goods and services directly from us by paying us the special B2B Wholesale Price and then resell them to the end customers keeping their own profit margins.

Who Can Become Our Partners?


Yes. Literally, everyone can become our business partner, if he or, she is interested.

Our Partnership Programme is carefully crafted for all starting from college students to big corporates.

We are happy to welcome all.

Benefits for Partners:

Our partners enjoy multiple benefits and business advantages from our end.

Some of them are:

  • Best Wholesale Price
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • 100% White-Level System
  • Door-Step Delivery
  • All India Network
  • Cloud-Based Inventory
  • GST Invoice
  • 24/7 Partner Support
  • World-Class Business Training
  • Regular Free Workhops

Partner Registration Form